Better Breast Health – for Life!™


Better Breast Health – for Life! is an empowering, interactive self-help guide, complete with audio workshop and worksheets.

The 30-minute audio CD workshop guides you through a “Risk Factors” Worksheet to help you identify and prioritize the risk factors in your life. The 128 page book then offers details, background, and research on each risk factor, along with strategies to reduce their impact. Additional web resources are also included.

Thirty-five risk factors are covered, including body size and shape, chemical and pollutant exposure, radiation and EMF exposure, hormones, HRT, birth control pills, sleep, sunlight, emotional trauma, stress, bras, exercise, bodily system cleansing, medication use, organics, alkaline and acidic foods, enzymes, fiber, fats, EFAs, nutritional supplementation, and cooking methods.

The book culminates with an “Actions Checklist” which lists action steps in the book so that a “check” can be placed next to the action steps you intend to take, helping you stay on track on your journey to Better Breast Health – for Life!

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